Single Unit, 6'L x 6'H, Includes 2-29"W Frames, 2 Arm Braces, 1 Plywood Deck and 4 Casters

Wt. 152

Bil-Jax, Inc.

 Product ID: 0127-006-0

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Follow all applicable ANSI and OSHA Codes and Regulations for the use of this equipment. Do not use this product in areas where user can come in contact with live power.


Bil-jax recommends and some states limit the free-standing tower height to be 3 times the minimum base dimensions. Current OSHA codes allow 4 times the minimum base dimension. Consult you state and local codes for compliance information.


When platform height exceeds 4 feet, guard railing is recommended but not required. Guard railing is required by OSHA on all platforms 10 feet or higher.